Sabtu, 3 April 2010

The wau bulan.

Pak wan chik,a seventy-four-year-old grandmother,makes wau bulan for a livng.He started forty years ago.He made his first kite from rice paper.
Pak wan Chik makes beautiful and colourful kites.First,he bends the bamboo frames with his strong fingers.Then,he pastes paper over the frams.Finally,he paints designs on his kites. He used to make about 10000 kites a year but now he can only make 3000 kites.He sells his kites in shops all over the kelantan.His kites are much sought after during kite-flying competitions held annually in kelantan.Tourists also like to buy his kites.This is because his kites are attractive and sold at reasonadle prices.Pak wan Chik is very sad because both his sons do not want to learn the skills of making traditional kites.His eyes are getting weak.He cannot work long hours due to a bad back.His hands are also not as strong as berfore.He is afraid that when he dies, there will be one to carry on the tradition of making traditional in his family.

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