Selasa, 16 Mac 2010

Teacher's day Celebration.

My dad standing in front right. Trainer from IPGM &
pupils class 4 Bijak in the picture

Teacher's Day is Celebrated on the 16th of may every year.It is celebrated in every school to show oppreciation for the teacher.In my school it celebrated on the last day of first term,that is after our examination.

It starts with an aseembly where the duty teacher reads the minister of Education. After the aseedbly, pupils are led to the hall.Here the scooll headmaster gives a speesh in appreciation of the teacher.All the class teacher are then called up to the stage to receive gift from their respective class monitors.The other subject teacher receive their gift from the perfects of the scooll.

After that,the children go back to their respective classrooms to have a class party with their from teacher.It's a day of fun and laughter for the teacher as well as the pupils.

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