Isnin, 15 Mac 2010


The durian is a popular fruit in Malaysia.It is an interesting fruit because of its oppearance.
Smell and taste.

The durian is oval in shape.It has thik,green spiky skin.When opened,fleshy seed are faund in sengments.People who love its smell.However,peoplewho do not like the durian think that it smells horrible.You are not allowed to bring durian into a hotel or take them in aeroplane.

People believe that no two durian taste alike.Altoungh the flesh is creamy,somthings the durian are sweet and somthings bitter-sweet .Experts say that is diificult to describe the taste.Their advice is to taste and see for your yourself.Durian lovers say that durian taste heavely.Some people who do not like durian say they taste horrible.

Never buy a durian that smell bad.This means that the fruit is ripe.When there are cracks along the skin,it means that the fruit is not fresh.Also,do not buy durian with holes on the skin.This could means that there are worms in the fruit.A durian which is heavy usally means that it has more skin that flesh.

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